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Mobile Clinical Solution
by Union Hospital

What Is Mobile Clinical Solution About?

Mobile Clinical Solution (MCS) is a mobile point of care solution that enable doctors, nurses and other allied health staff to access up-to-minute patient record and clinical information wirelessly, allow real-time intervention of critical situation and ensure emergencies are being dealt with in a quick and efficient manner.

The solution replaces certain manual procedure and facilitates healthcare staff serving patients in areas such as real-time information checking and recording, allowing staff to focus more on patient. This results in higher service quality to patient’s safety as well as maintaining strong employee confidence in medical service and satisfaction level. Doctors, nurses and patients will all benefit from it.

Core functions:

(1) Patient Identification
(2) Real Time Checking of Observation Records
(3) Medication administration
(4) Intelligent Infusion Pump
(5) Timely access to the investigation reports
(6) Electronic Prescription
(7) Patient Scheduling
(8) Blood Transfusion
(9) Nursing Assessment etc.

What Makes Mobile Clinical Solution Innovative?

Union Hospital is the first hospital in Hong Kong to deploy mobile point of care solution.
Starting from 2009, we keep developing the most innovative healthcare applications with various healthcare technology companies.

We began with three trial applications – Identification, Observation and Medication. After these proved successful, additional applications were added, including Blood Tests, Patient Scheduling, Paperless Documentation etc. Meanwhile, the mobility was being extended from nursing care into doctor consultation at bedside in 2011.

The MCS integrated with the First DataBank, Hospira MedNet Smart Pumps and Cadi SmartSense could offer comprehensive information for our nursing staff and doctors in the day to day care of our in-patients.

Together with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology, doctors doing rounds in hospital or consulting at their clinics in the hospital campus will have their hospital patients’ current information at their fingertips, be it laboratory investigation results, imaging reports or real-time vital-sign observations, just by the touchscreen of their own tablet, whether it is an Apple iOS or Android.