HIMSS AsiaPac16 Conference & Exhibition


By registering, I agree to all the terms and conditions set forth below.

Badges Must Be Collected Onsite: You can pick up your badge and event tickets when you arrive at the HIMSS AsiaPac16 Conference & Exhibition registration counter. When you register online, you will receive a confirmation email. Please print out this email and present it at the registration counter. You must present your confirmation slip in order to receive your badge. Alternatively you may present us with the registration number that was given to you upon confirmation of your online registration.

HIMSS Asia Pacific does not ship badges. All attendees can pick up their conference badges onsite. HIMSS Asia Pacific is not responsible for the loss or theft of badges. A fee of $50 USD applies if badge reprints are required.

Registration Confirmation:
Confirmations will be sent via email, if you did not receive your confirmation please email: himssreg@miceapps.com or contact us at +65 63795260.

Early Bird Rate (EBR) ends on 22 July 2016: All EBR registration and payments received after 22 July 2016 must pay the higher standard registration fee. Onsite payments can be made in credit card or Cash.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Cancellation before 22 Jul 2016 - $50 USD administrative fee

Cancellation after 22 July 2016 - 100% of the registration fee will be forfeited.

All changes and cancellations must be made in writing to the HIMSS AsiaPac16 Registrar via email at himssreg@miceapps.com. Reinstating of registration is not permitted after cancellation. You will need to register again. If you cancel and are entitled to a refund, expect a refund within 30 days post conference.

Substitution Policy: Registrant unable to attend may send a substitute. If the substitute is not a member, the non-member/non-sponsoring vendor fee will be required. Substitutions must be made in writing by 12 Aug 2016 to: himss-ap@himss.org.

HIMSS Cancellation : HIMSS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule programs and to close registration when programs are sold out. For these reasons, registrants are advised against purchasing non-refundable airline tickets.

Should the HIMSS AsiaPac16 be cancelled, your registration fee will not be refunded but will automatically be applied to the next HIMSS AsiaPac Conference.

Payment : Our online registration site is a secured site. Major credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

Wire transfers may also be made by registering online, selecting the wire transfer payment option and sending the payment by 31 July 2016 to:

Conditions for Payment by Telegraphic Transfer:

HIMSS has appointed Ace:Daytons Direct (International) Pte Ltd as the official registration vendor for this conference and will be collecting payment on HIMSS' behalf.

All teleg Telegraphic transfers should be made payable to "Ace:Daytons Direct (International) Pte Ltd" in US Dollars (USD) of the amount shown. 

Please indicate the registrant's name on the front of the telegraphic transfer advice after payment has been made and email the advice to

The Conference Secretariat
HIMSS AsiaPac16:
2 Leng Kee Road
#03-02 Thye Hong Centre
Singapore 159086
Tel: (65) 6379 5260 (admin) / (65) 6379 5303 (ops) Fax: (65) 6475 2077
Email: himssreg@miceapps.com

Bank Details:

Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank
Bank Account No: 23-7-904368-4
Bank Address: 6 Battery Road Singapore 049909
Bank Code: 7144
Bank Account Name: Ace:Dayton Direct (International) Pte Ltd
Swift Code: SCBLSG22
Branch Code: 008

Bank Administrative Charge: USD 35

Bank Transaction Fee:

You are required to add a bank transaction fee of USD35.00 for telegraphic transfer and the bank transaction fee.

No bank administrative charge for credit card payment

Privacy Policy
By registering for the conference you are providing permission to receive emails, mailings and faxes related to the conference. If you wish to opt out of receiving any of these materials you may do so by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button of the email.

Other Policies I agree not to copy or permit to be copied, in any form or format, without the express written permission of HIMSS Asia Pacific, any of the contents of the HIMSS AsiaPac16 Conference & Exhibition attendee roster. I also agree not to use the roster contents for any commercial, marketing, promotional, or political purposes. No solicitation is permitted by anyone except by exhibitors within the confinement of their booth.

For security reasons, badge swapping is not permitted. Anyone found wearing a badge that does not match his/her identification will be evicted without a refund. In addition, the badge/name will be cancelled without a refund.

Customer Is responsible for assessing and paying their respective tax liability arising from services received.

By registering, I agree to all the terms and conditions set forth above including the use of photographic images. Noncompliance will result in registration cancellation without refund.