HIMSS AsiaPac16 Conference & Exhibition


HIMSS is a global voice, advisor and thought leader of health transformation through health IT with a unique breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health, healthcare and care outcomes. HIMSS designs and leverages key data assets, predictive models and tools to advise global leaders, stakeholders and influencers of best practices in health IT, so they have the right information at the point of decision.

Through its health IT network of over 1 million experts, over 200 knowledge exchanges and collaborations, including 60,000-plus members, HIMSS drives innovative, forward thinking around best uses of technology in support of better connected care, improved population health and low cost of care.

HIMSS is a not-for-profit, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with additional offices in North America, , Europe, United Kingdom and Asia.


About HIMSS Asia Pacific

In the APAC region, HIMSS Asia Pacific works with regional governments, healthcare providers and vendors to improve healthcare delivery through IT.

We do this through the HIMSS EMRAM assessment, HIMSS Asia Pacific Media, complimentary monthly webinars, regional roadshows, annual conferences and members-only resources.

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