HIMSS AsiaPac16 Conference & Exhibition

HIMSS AsiaPac Innovations Challenge


The HIMSS AsiaPac Innovations Challenge is back for the 2nd year.

Thank you for the support, submission is now closed.

List of Participating Finalist:

Click on the below link to find out more about this year's finalist (updates in progress):

1) Gain Control of All IT Operations with Wire Data by ExtraHop Networks
2) Mobile Clinical Solution (MCS) by Union Hospital
3) My SHINEOS+ by Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center and Smart
4) Vector-borne Disease Surveillance and Control by Esri


Introduction to the HIMSS AsiaPac Innovations Challenge 2016:

First launched at HIMSS AsiaPac15, the HIMSS AsiaPac Innovations Challenge 2016 will recognize and award the best innovative solution that will improve, advance or revolutionize healthcare and the way it is done.

This Challenge is open to all - academics, researchers, commercial vendors, healthcare providers alike (or any individual with a solution to revolutionize healthcare).


What is Innovation?

Innovation can mean many things to different people and in this challenge, Innovation is defined as:

1) A brand new idea that was not previously thought of;
2) Or improvements for more-effective and efficient way to problem solving.

For example, a new idea would be the creation of the world's 1st camera whereas the digital camera would be an improvement upon existing idea.

What are we looking out for?

Innovative solutions that address and fit the below:

1) Innovation that shows promise in creating new methods of addressing problems faced in healthcare.
2) Improvement on existing solution or combination that combines camera, music, internet function into one)
3) Innovation that are created to address problems in the future or a solution that will spearhead a new revolution never before seen (e.g. the world's 1st camera)