HIMSS Thailand eHealth Summit 2020

Delivering Better Healthcare from Vision to Action



May 12-12, 2020 | Bangkok, Thailand


To enable better healthcare delivery in Thailand, it is critical to address the issues at different levels of the healthcare ecosystem in order to create stakeholder synergy and harness their fullest potential.


The vision: healthcare and solutions providers create the opportunities for patients to take control of their healthcare journey anytime, anywhere.


The action: Government, healthcare providers and solution providers must come together to shape the policy and governance to enable an interoperable and meaningful patient health record. Coupled with the imminent launch of the Thailand Personal Data Protection Act, a robust change management strategy is essential to support the adoption of data standards and governance throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem.


All of which share the common goal of delivering better, safer and accessible care.




Topics include:

Putting Patients Behind the Wheel (PPBW)

Patients themselves hold the key to building a better health ecosystem when they have the right education and awareness of their health condition. In doing so, they can actively engage with healthcare providers to arrive at a medical decision, thus empowering them in their healthcare journey.

Track topics include:

  • Telehealth
  • Personal Wellness


Driving Change (DC)


Government and health care providers will deliver better healthcare when they create the opportunities for patients to take control of their healthcare journey. In order to make patient care decisions, it is important for clinicians to have data that is accurate and secure, and data governance is geared towards ensuring this. With new legislations and policies in place, it is also important to have strategic change management for the care team to embrace the changing requirements of data governance.

Track topics include:

  • Data governance in line with the launch of Thailand Personal Data Protection Act
  • Change Management

Secure Exchange of Health Data (SEHD)

The last link to a better health ecosystem is the use of systems. Moving into digital health, the exchange of health information between systems is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution, as the data transmitted must be presented in a way that is clearly understood by a user. This will be achieved through establishing and adhering to standards that also allow for the transmission of data in a secured manner.

Track topics include:

  • HL7 FHIR
  • Standard of sharing data
  • Secured exchange of information